5 Gems for Little Girls

Two years ago, I attended a workshop presentation by Carolyn Custis James. It was a defining moment in my life.5 blue stones

James is the author of several provocative books, “Half the Church,” “The Gospel of Ruth,” and “When Life and Beliefs Collide.”

What I like about Carolyn James is that she was the first woman accepted into Dallas Theological Seminary. She is well-versed in the original writings of Scripture from the Hebrew and Greek. She is also not afraid to speak the truth.

What I like about her writing is that she validates the giftings of women and searches Scripture for the original truth.

For example: when God made Eve to be Adam’s helpmate, he had a global purpose in mind. In the original Hebrew, “helpmate” stands for “ezer” which is another form of “warrior.” Thus, Eve and all the Eve’s after her, are designated by God to stand beside men and fight in this spiritual war together. Side by side – not one trampled underneath the other.

We are warrior women and as such – we stand for the truth and battle for what is right.

One of the wrongs in our society is the sex trafficking of little girls – a monumental problem and one that we in the Kansas City metro need to be aware of.

Unfortunately, KC is known as one of the hubs for sex trafficking, mainly because we have  I-70 and I-35 intersecting here. Kansas City is a main pick-up station for these little ones to be transported elsewhere.

What can we do about that?

The global initiative for Carolyn Custis James and her work is that she wants to end sex trafficking and help women everywhere to accept their call as warrior women. She wants to rescue little girls who are being used and abused worldwide.

When I heard Carolyn’s passion, I wondered – what can I do to help in this fight? I’m already busy in the ministry at GateWay of Hope and in my own coaching and writing business. I don’t have the time or energy to accept the challenge of fighting the sex trafficking trade.

But I can do one special thing. At the workshop, our table was decorated with blue gem stones. We used them for a project during the workshop and were encouraged to take them home as decorative reminders.

What I decided to do with my five sparkling blue stones was to place them on my dresser and use them as a visual reminder to pray. Every morning, I pray for five little girls and I ask God to protect them – to keep them safe from sex trafficking and from any other types of abuse.

Every morning, I pray for my five little girls. It’s the least I can do.

What about you? Can you find a way to fight against the sex trafficking trade?

2014 Rebecca Thesman – Program Director / Certified Life Coach

GateWay of Hope – The Helping Place for Hurting Women