5 Tips from the Samaritan Woman

We don’t know her name, other than “The Woman at the Well” or “The Samaritan Woman.”praying_hands_bible

But God cared about her and sent Jesus to dialog with her.

Her story is written in John 4:3-34 which includes these 5 tips for us.

1. Jesus wants to spend Time with Us. He went out of his way to find this woman and chat with her. He does the same for us. He hopes we will meet with him and speak honestly with him about our concerns, our happiness and all the details of our lives.

2. Jesus is never too tired to Love Us. In this passage, he had traveled a long way – on foot. Yet he ignored his fatigue and spent time having a theological discussion with this woman. He admitted he was thirsty, and he sent his disciples into town for food. But he didn’t go take a nap somewhere. He cared about this woman.

3. It’s okay to be Honest with Jesus. This woman knew Scripture and she wasn’t afraid to be authentic. She confronted Jesus. “You’re not greater than Jacob, are you?” He accepted her confrontation and answered honestly.

4. Condemnation never mixes with Love. Although the people in the town condemned this woman and even the disciples wondered why Jesus was talking with someone like her, God responds with love. Condemnation does not win for those who believe in Jesus and walk with him.

5. Hearing the Truth leads to Obedience. After Jesus declared that he was the Messiah, this woman ran into town and told everyone. She evangelized the very same people who condemned her. Jesus transformed her life and she reached out to those who had rejected her.

Isn’t it wonderful how the Bible still speaks truth today? We can learn these important tips from a story recorded in John and we can go forward to spend time with the same Jesus who cared about the Samaritan Woman.

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