7 Desires of the Heart

At the Women of Virtue Conference, Debbie Laaser shared about the desires of every heart. She reminded us that trauma is often the root of deep needs, and when we identify the need – we can begin to work through the trauma.

eclectic personAccording to Laaser, the 7 Desires are:
• Desire to be Heard and Understood – to be known on the inside; our feelings, thoughts and needs

• Desire to be Affirmed – to be thanked, appreciated and encouraged

• Desire to be Blessed – to be loved for who we are, unconditionally; to know that someone is proud of us

• Desire to be Safe – to be free from all anxiety

• Desire to be Touched – both sexually and in a way that is not sexually-related

• Desire to be Chosen – to be cherished and in a special relationship

• Desire to be Included – to know that we belong, that we matter and that we have significance

Laaser underscored the fact that when these desires are not met, we often make unwise decisions to try and meet them ourselves.

Every human being has unmet desires, and only one Man – one God/Man can ever meet all our desires.

Psalm 37:4 reminds us, “Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.”