7 Key Habits for 2015

happy new yearInstead of making a list of resolutions which we may or may not keep, let’s focus on developing some good habits for the new year.

All it takes is 30 days of a repeat behavior to form a habit. So try these healthy tips for 30 days and see how much better you feel.

Sleep seven to eight hours nightly. If you set healthy boundaries and learn to say, “No” to that extra TV show or another activity in your already busy day, you can make sleep a priority. Turn off the electronics at least two hours before bed and move your cell phone away from the night stand.

Exercise 20-30 minutes daily. Walk extra minutes on the treadmill, park farther out in the lot, or just jump up and down. Any kind of movement is beneficial.

Eat two colors and one healthy protein at each meal. Make sure one of the colors is dark green. Start your day with some kind of protein.

Schedule your annual exam today. Try to schedule it around February 14th. Love yourself and take care of your health.

Talk weekly with a friend. We need each other and building relationships is important. Whether it’s a coffee together, a Skype meeting or a phone call – connect with a friend.

Think of at least three blessings you are grateful for each day. Record these in your gratitude journal and repeat them before you go to bed each night.

Talk daily with God. Whether you use a daily devotional book or you pray through a Psalm, God longs to hear from you. The more you talk to him and spend time with him, the easier it will be to hear from him. He loves you. Spend time with the Lover of your soul.

What about your list? Any other habits you’d like to begin in 2015?

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