9 Things That Bring Success

9 things bookIn his book, “9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life,” Dr. Henry Cloud reminds us that successful people incorporate the following things in their lives:

• Dig It Up – Figure out your dreams, abilities and desires. Then work from the inside out.

• Pull the Tooth – Don’t hang on to the bad stuff. Get rid of the negatives.

• Play the Movie – Ask yourself, “If I continue in this direction, how will the story end?” Looking at the ending will help you make better choices.

• Do Something – Take ownership and responsibility. Do something to make the situation better.

• Act Like an Ant – Take tiny steps over a period of time. Life is a marathon; not a sprint.

• Hate Well – Make a list of what you hate, then move in a different direction from whatever that is.

• Don’t Play Fair – Give back better than you were given. Go the extra mile. Get rid of resentments and instead; be thankful.

• Be Humble – Pride is wrapped around “who” is right. Humility is more concerned with “what” is right.

• Upset the Right People – Trying to please everybody will only lead to stress and failure. Sometimes the best situation is to not rescue someone but rather to set boundaries of protection around yourself. This may upset others, but the right people will learn from it.

Remember that true success comes from within. If you’re wondering how to put some of these tips into practice, contact us at GateWay of Hope. We have a coach who can help you step over that roadblock and march forward with joy.

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