A Time Such as This

In our summer book study, we’re looking at the book of Esther. This young Jewish girl probably had no idea that someday a book would be written about her lifetime achievements. In fact, she might be surprised that Jews throughout the centuries celebrate her courage and perseverance.

Here’s a short list of the life of Esther:
• taken from her home to enter the palace of King Xerxes
• obeyed her uncle Mordecai’s instructions
• risked her life to appear before the king
• based her courage on the foundation of prayer and fasting
• knew when to submit to authority and when to step forward in faith
• utilized her intelligence and the available resources
• recognized and called out the real enemy
• saved her people from senseless slaughter

One of the key verses in Esther is found in chapter four, verse fourteen: “…And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”

Uncle Mordecai reminded Esther – and all of us – that we have a purpose in each day. We have been designed and created to live in this particular season of human history. Each moment, we have the opportunity to do something special within our ordinary days, to say a kind word or to point someone toward hope in Christ. This truth gives our lives significance, even if we can’t see it happening.

We have no clue what type of book God is writing about us or what each chapter includes. But for such a time as this, we live here and we have a job to do.

Like Esther, let’s obey God’s instructions and go where He wants us to go. Let’s spend time in prayer and fasting so that we get the divine directions right. Let’s be discerning about the difference between submission and courage. Let’s utilize the gifts and resources God has given us. Let’s recognize the evil around us and in us and do something to eradicate it. Let’s help God in his plan to save mankind.

Let’s join Esther as we play out our own plot-lines in God’s story – for such a time as this – for right now.