What Barcode are You Wearing?

As soon as I woke, I felt it – stuck on my neck, so I reached and pulled it off.

Since my glasses rested on my lamp table, I held it close and saw it was a white sticker with black print. The barcode from the back of a book I had read the night before. The price was $12.99. barcode

“I’m worth twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents today. Much more than I thought,” I said as I dropped the sticker into the trash can.

I know I am worth more than $12.99. Everyone is, but do we really treat others the way we should?

One day, I overheard someone say, “That man is lazy. He’s no good. He isn’t worth the bullet it would take to shoot him.”

Every nerve in my body stood on alert. A man so worthless in the estimation of another— to be deemed not worth killing?

“No, I said. That is not right. No human being, no matter how bad, is counted worthless by God!”

Dr. James Dobson once said he was angered at the reaction he heard to the news that two little girls were killed in an accident. “What a shame. They were such beautiful and smart girls,” someone said.

“Would it be less tragic if they had been homely and stupid?” Dobson asked. Does physical beauty and mental ability determine a person’s worth?

A garage sale hostess wore an orange sticker on her arm which said she was on sale for 25 cents. “That’s just wrong,” I teased her. “I’m certain you are worth much more than that, so don’t sell yourself short!” We both laughed, but how often do women fail to realize how valuable they are?

Imagine explorers discovering a room full of jewels and precious metals. What would the contents of such a room be worth? What excitement news of such a room would stir up!

How about a room full of wives and moms? How about a room with only you inside?

Jesus loves us, and He died for us. Our worth is high—so high it cannot be told. The Bible says we are the King’s daughters. We are worth more than rubies or pearls, more than gold or diamonds.

What barcode are you wearing? What price tag have you allowed others to stick on you?

Pull it off and toss it in that trash can. Despite any lack, despite your past, your faults, your weaknesses, despite all the failures you have experienced, despite what others or even you yourself thinks of you – You are priceless!

“For her worth is far above jewels.” Proverbs 31:10B

©2015 Elece Hollis
Elece HollisElece Hollis lives in Oklahoma where she writes poetry and inspirational stories about her life and family. Her photography blog is www.imagesofhome.blogspot.com. You can read more stories and see more photos at: http://whatsgoodabouthome.blogspot.com/ and http://thoughtsjoinletters.blogspot.com.