Be an Esther

Have you ever thought about how Esther was selected to go to King Xerxes’ palace as a possible replacement for the newly-booted-out Queen Vashti? If you’ll remember, Queen Vashti would not cooperate with the king’s request, so she was asked to pack her bags and leave the palace. And now King Xerxes needed a new queen.

The king’s attendants said, “Let a search be made for beautiful young virgins for the king.”

That gives us only a little clue. Did the king’s men knock on doors and ask to see any female in the house? What was the criteria for “beautiful”?

Maybe there were auditions – sort of like for American Idol. Imagine a sign posted at the marketplace, “Casting call for beautiful young women seeking queenhood. Line starts here.”

Probably not.

From the biblical text, it sounds as if Esther didn’t have much say in the matter. I picture her surrounded by armed soldiers, “You will come to the palace . . . now.”

This was not a volunteer position.

However, after Esther was declared the new First Lady, she did what needed to be done. She used the wisdom, strength – and yes, gifts – that God created within her. I believe Esther’s gifts included compassion, diplomacy, intercession and discernment. If there was a gift called “get ‘er done,” Esther possessed it. She used her gifts to reveal a grievous deception that would murder thousands of innocent people.

What an example and encouragement to do the task at hand!

This summer, I was offered a Bible study leader position at Gateway of Hope. I could have used a number of reasons to decline this volunteer opportunity. Fortunately, it didn’t take armed forces to convince me to serve.

God has gifted me in certain areas. And when God gifts, I feel responsible to re-gift. When I operate, using the gifts I’ve been given, there is a peace and satisfaction in my life. While I may not be saving thousands of people from a deceitful murder plot, I am doing the task God has put before me.

The Bible teaches that God blesses His children with gifts and talents. What has God given you to re-gift? Has He given you the gift of teaching? Administration? The gifts of encouragement or generosity?

Have you used your gifts lately? Pray that God will show you how to use your abilities. Consider the awesome privilege of volunteering. Places such as Gateway of Hope and your local church would appreciate more Esthers who “get ‘er done.”

Be an Esther!

~ Karen Morerod, Author
“More Than Just a Pretty Face”