Best and Worst

It was the best of times:

• Playing with her dolls and the dollhouse Grandpa made for her

• Running freely through the back yard, her blonde hair streaming behind her

• Finger paints, chocolate doughnuts, silver jewelry

• Hugs at night and a lullaby from Mommy

• Fighting with her older brother, yet loving him with her whole heart

• Dreams about growing up and having her own family

• Barbie, kittens, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven

It was the worst of times:depressed woman

• The uncle who rubbed himself against her

• A cousin who sodomized her

• Screams she heard and then realized they were her own

• A church leader who refused to believe her

• Rape, molestation, shame

• Dreams that merged into nightmares

One out of three women will experience some type of sexual trauma during her life. It may be a childhood experience that shadows every moment; it may be assault and rape as an adult. Often, the perpetrator is a family member or “friend.”

At GateWay of Hope, our counselors and staff meet with women and listen to their stories about abuse.

We know they are telling the truth.

As women, we understand. We are here to help these hurting women find a way out of shame and the false guilt they may have carried for years.

Help us help these hurting women by donating to GateWay of Hope Ministries.

Help us make a difference so that the worst of times don’t have to define these precious ladies.

Help us encourage them as we point them to the Truth, to embrace the wonderful women they were created to be.

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