Calling All Volunteers !

The Webster definition of a volunteer is “One who offers to perform a free service.”volunteer

True, but the volunteers at GateWay of Hope are so much more than just people who volunteer. They are also committed to helping us in this work, to transform the lives of women so that they can live from their true identities.

We often receive requests to volunteer at GateWay, so we’ve put together a list of possibilities. Maybe you’d like to fit in somewhere.

Master Designer: Design a new GateWay brochure.

Fun-Lover: Throw a GateWay House Party and invite your friends and co-workers. We’ll come and introduce them to GateWay.

Garage Sale Super Star: Organize and initiate a Garage Sale for GateWay.

Party Planner: Give an “office shower” for GateWay. We’ll provide you with a list of our needs.

Cleaning Enthusiast: Give GateWay’s offices a good cleaning once a month.

Trail Blazer: Become a GateWay Board Member and be in the forefront of leading the organization.

Crew Member: Join our Chocolate Extravaganza Event Team.

Wordsmith: Research grants and write one for GateWay.

Smarty Pants: Offer your expertise and experience to help with marketing, IT, fund-raising, etc.

Warrior: Join our spiritual warriors/GateKeepers who receive monthly email prayer requests.

Book Lover: Maintain the GateWay Library by organizing books and keeping records.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Meet with us and together, we’ll come up with something that fits your talents, skills and desires. If you’re interested, call 913.393.GATE (4283).

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