How to Detox Holistically

Because we are connected – body, mind and spirit – what affects one part of us affects the whole. During a recent Intensive workshop at GateWay, we talked about the process of detoxing the body, the mind and the spirit.

Detox the Body – presented by Lorraine Oberholtzer, RD, LD

Numerous methods are available for a chemical and physical detox of the body, but each of us has to know what is good for our own body. The idea of a healthy and effective detox is to free the body from anything that may be causing physical stress.

The best detox involves a two-pronged approach:

  1. Remove toxins
  2. Strengthen the body’s own defense mechanism

Toxin removal may include water filters, air filters, fasting from certain foods, buying organic foods, avoiding GMOs, cooking more meals at home and avoiding food additives.

Most toxin removal begins by reducing inflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy and gluten products.

We can begin to detox the body by simply eating less. This lightens the load on the digestive system and the all-important gut which contains immune strengthening properties.

Other important tips include:

  • Drink more water
  • Add a good probiotic
  • Increase the omega 3s with fish oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna and trout
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Choose healthy fats such as coconut oil, nuts, avocados and extra virgin olive oil
  • Increase exercise time and fiber consumption

Detox the Mind – presented by Kiersten Adkins, LPC, MA, Exec Dir of Pathway to Hope

The way we think determines our behaviors and can also affect us spiritually and physically. The mind truly regulates the flow of energy and information we receive and pass onward.

As we become more comfortable with who we are, our mental health is underscored by fulfilling relationships, well-being, healthy energy and a more impactful life.

Our basic functions such as eating, sleeping and breathing affect the feeling parts of the brain which also determine how we think about ourselves and our lives.

So our behavior is determined by how we emotionally respond to a situation. If we continue to think about something negative and feed that negativity, we will respond negatively. This can lead to self-sabotage and additional stress – which also affects the body.

Our goal, mentally, is to reduce the chaos and stress and become a more balanced, synchronized individual. The idea of balance, aka moderation, can help keep our emotions in a more steady, healthy place rather than swinging all over the place from despair to disgust to shame to fear then back to happiness and joy.

Some of the important questions to ask ourselves include:

  • Am I mindful of myself?
  • Who am I made to be?
  • What am I going to be?
  • How will I achieve this goal?
  • When will this happen?
  • Why will I invest myself in this goal?

As we determine to be proactive with our minds, we protect ourselves from emotional bankruptcy. Then, a healthy mind leads to a healthy spirit.

Detox of the Spirit – presented by Rebecca Thesman, CLC, BSE, GateWay Program Director and Life Coach

We know we need a detox of the spirit when we are out of alignment with God. For some women, that means they will feel directionless, unable to pray and/or feel as if they have no peace.

One way to return to alignment with God is to focus more on him than on ourselves and our problems. Keeping a gratitude journal is an effective way to discipline ourselves for more thankfulness.

But we also need to detox ourselves away from harmful attitudes such as:

  • Self-doubt – based on fear and focused on the “I can’t” or the “I’ll never” statements
  • Self-sabotage – when we procrastinate or feel paralyzed with no joy
  • Stress – when our energy is drained and we no longer set healthy boundaries
  • Settling – for what we don’t truly want – for what is second best

Some practical tips to help us avoid these dangerous “S” words might include:

  • Ignore the “shoulds” – when other people or even our own minds try to “should” us into doing something we don’t want to do
  • Set healthy boundaries, especially around the things that drain our energy
  • Plan for a day of play and/or a special retreat away from everything
  • Fast from anything that takes us away from God
  • Increase more of the stress-relieving activities: coloring, singing, walking
  • Remember we are made in the image of God – body, mind and spirit
  • Pay attention to the inner nudges of the Holy Spirit
  • Realize who we really are and appreciate our true value

As we work on these issues, we can move into more balance with our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Then we will be healthier and able to use our giftings to impact the world and make a difference.

©2017 GateWay of Hope – Hope, Healing and Wholeness for Women

Defining GateWay

GateWay Logo Original with OutlinesAs we promote GateWay of Hope and work on marketing the services we provide, several words keep emerging as key tags.


This word is, of course, in our name but it covers everything we do at GateWay. When women first come through our doors, they may feel hopeless and powerless. They may wonder if life will ever improve.

Then they walk into GateWay and begin to hope.

Hope is a feeling of expectation, but it also involves trust. Women trust their hearts to us and as we work together, we experience a warm belief that hope exists and life can get better.

Hope grows as women meet with counselors and find safety in having someone listen to them.

Hope expands as women become involved in a group. The group relationship underscores the truth that these women are not alone. Other women struggle with the same problems. Other women want to learn more about Boundaries, Journaling and how to pray for their adult children.

Hope finds a plan as women begin the coaching relationship. They put action steps to their dreams and discover how to jump over the obstacles that once held them back.

Hope is a consistent topic at GateWay, and it is the goal of every conversation.


Women feel safe at GateWay. This involves physical safety, of course, but it’s more than that. They know all our services are confidential so they can be vulnerable and honest about what they share.

They discover they are not alone with their concerns, so they can safely incorporate other women into their support systems.

Women feel emotionally safe at GateWay. They know they can take off their masks and lay down their walls.

At GateWay, they can be their true selves. We will not condemn them. We will not betray their trust. We value their vulnerability and the trust they put in us.

We will not do anything that violates their trust.


We work hard to make the atmosphere unique and beautiful at GateWay. Almost every visitor who enters our space comments, “Oh, this is so beautiful! This doesn’t feel like an office.”

GateWay is beautiful and infused with a sense of peace. We want women to feel comfortable within our space and to feel the warmth and love of the GateWay experience.

Sometimes women wish we had a place for them to stay night. That’s part of our dream for the future. A place where women can take a break from the stresses of life, stay night if they want and walk the beautiful grounds of GateWay.

We decorate with women in mind, and we often see the visible effect when a woman crosses our threshold. She sighs and says, “Ah,” because she feels the peaceful atmosphere.

She lets go of her stress, her fears and her struggles within the walls of GateWay. She is moving toward a more empowering future and it feels so good.


In our difficult world, we are often faced with discouragement and despair. At GateWay of Hope, we work to encourage women in their personal gifts and talents and to help them become who God created them to be.

This encouragement might happen through a counseling session, the group experience, an hour with a coach or a time of prayer. It might look like a hug or a pretty card, a smile or a warm cup of coffee.

Encouragement includes total acceptance and the presence of a listening ear.

Women are encouraged to be their true selves at GateWay. This is where they come to journal for an hour, to de-stress in our Serenity Room, to express the anger that has been building for years, to tell the truth about their lives.

GateWay is the catalyst for moving forward, feeling valued and empowered. Women are encouraged to bring their knitting and sit a while. They can meet a friend at GateWay for coffee and a chat.

And as we encourage these women to be themselves, they also share that encouragement with each other. So the ripple effect continues.


When women come to GateWay and begin to experience our services, their lives change. As they feel hope and receive encouragement, they work through their issues.

As they meet other women, they realize they are not alone. They feel empowered to embrace their true identities.

In fact, some of our women experience such a transformation, they change their names. They feel like new creatures, able to function and succeed in life. They feel whole again, and we can see the difference in their faces.

Here’s the way one woman describes GateWay, “My life has been transformed by the counsel, resources and groups at GateWay of Hope. When I walk into GateWay, my walls come down, because I know it is safe.”

Our vision is “To help women transform their lives and create new legacies.”

As women become healthy, they return to their families and their communities more empowered to use their gifts and make an impact. Their children see the difference as their mothers live in wholeness, no longer encumbered by traumas from the past or living in dread for the future.

That’s what we do at GateWay of Hope. We help women discover hope, pursue healing and live in wholeness through Counseling, Coaching and Groups.

©2016 GateWay of Hope – Hope, Healing and Wholeness for Women –

How to Move Forward in Life

In a recent telecast, Joyce Meyer said, “We live life forward, but we understand life backward.”

This is a valid truth and one we women often reverse. We look backward and then decide how and if we should move forward.holly-gerth-quote-worth

We look back at the what-might-have-been moments of life.

  • If only I had married a man who kept his covenant vows
  • If only I had finished college when I had the chance
  • If only I hadn’t said that or done that
  • If only I had known then what I know now
  • If only …

But looking backward and living in regret will keep us from a healthy forward movement. When we’re looking back all the time, we’ll bump into something ahead of us – and usually cause some type of harm, emotional or physical.

To truly understand life backward, we can instead ask ourselves some difficult yet pointed questions:

  • What did I learn from this situation?
  • What did I learn about myself from this situation?
  • How can I improve in this area so I won’t make the same mistake again?
  • What did I learn about God’s love for me because of this situation?
  • How can I use what I learned to help someone else?

Do you see how much more positive these questions are?

When we journal through the process of learning from the past, then we focus on how to grow and how to share. The If Only statements are self-deprecatory. They condemn us, blame us and eventually – shame us.

We don’t need to live in shame – ever – because shame keeps us from moving forward. It blocks hope from our souls.

Author Holly Gerth writes, “I don’t produce my worth; I receive it.”

So no matter what we have produced or what has happened to us in the past, that situation does NOT affect WHO we really are. It is only a piece of our history, a small part of our journey on earth.

God does NOT look at what we do and judge us for it. He looks at WHO we are and loves us no matter what.

As a life coach at GateWay of Hope, I help my clients move forward. We talk about the obstacle or block that is keeping them from joy. Then we put together a plan for the next step in the journey.

We move forward based on that plan, and I become my client’s accountability partner. We don’t dwell on the past. We don’t look backward unless we’re going to find a nugget of learning and base our next step on that truth.

We don’t live in condemnation about what has happened before. We don’t judge each other. We never approach life from the viewpoint of shame.

So as you’re thinking about moving forward in life, as you’re putting together some steps for a positive attitude – think about how you may be sabotaging yourself by dwelling in the past.

If you need some help with the past, we have counselors who can help you find your way to healing and wholeness. Check out our website at:

If you want an accountability partner / coach to help you move forward, then contact me at GateWay. My email addy is:

Together, we can move forward and then celebrate the successes of an abundant life.

©2016 GateWay of Hope

What is the Secret Sauce at GateWay?

GateWay Logo Original with OutlinesPeople with the Secret Sauce are vital commodities in today’s workplace. These are the experts, the advice-givers, those people we seek out who can help us successfully move forward.

For example: Bill Gates has the Secret Sauce for Microsoft – this business he designed and put his life into.

Another example is Julia Child who had the Secret Sauce and determination to share the joy of French cooking, to persevere until her first cookbook was published and then walk into her celebrity with humility and grace.

Jesus has the Secret Sauce for helping us move past our strongholds, our bondage, lies of the past and any number of other struggles. He also has the cure for society and the future of our hearts.

At GateWay of Hope, we have the Secret Sauce to help women transform their lives and create new legacies.

Our Counselors are licensed, professional therapists who deal with any number of issues and crises women struggle with. They help women process through past abuses, depression, relationship struggles, grief and/or emotional angst.

Our Coaches are certified professionals with a wealth of experience. They help women design plans to move over obstacles in life and progress toward their authentic selves. Our Coaches partner with their clients to advance their personal development, effectively start over single after divorce, set healthy boundaries in relationships, move forward in spiritual formation and recover from betrayal.

Within the group relationships at GateWay, women discover more of the Secret Sauce available in such a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. Women who have been betrayed, abandoned and emotionally abused find connections with a group that Restores Hope After Betrayal. These women learn they are not alone in their struggle and that even if their husbands choose pornographic images or other sexual deviations – these women can be strong enough to take care of their hearts. The tools these women learn in this group provide hope and healing as well as the gumption to move forward stronger and more content than ever before.

In the Grief Recovery Program at GateWay, the Secret Sauce is included in the truth that all women suffer a loss of some kind and it’s okay to grieve about it. So many women hide behind the mask of “I’m fine” or “I have to be strong” and they deny the power of grieving in healthy ways. Women’s lives have been changed by simply learning ways to grieve and being given permission to do that at GateWay.

The Secret Sauce is prayer for the PAC Moms group. These women come to GateWay twice a month to pray for their adult children. Their hearts are breaking for their babies who are now adults and have chosen to ignore God’s love or are engaged in harmful behaviors. So these mamas come to pray, and their fervent pleas to God are heard. We see miracles happening at GateWay as a direct result of these intense and genuine prayers.

The women who populate the Treasures group have become a band of “she-roes” at GateWay of Hope. These incredibly strong women find treasure within chronic pain and the illnesses they bear every day. Yet they do not come to GateWay to morbidly complain. Instead, they encourage each other in ways to live out their lives – albeit in pain – with a sense of joy and contentment. Their Secret Sauce include perseverance, gratitude for simple joys and the certainty that pain may last as a temporary affliction, but someday – healing will be complete.All women need hope

Although we often encourage women to journal and process through their thoughts, our Journaling Class occurs twice a year at GateWay. The Secret Sauce is conveyed through the teaching gift and life experiences of our facilitator who shares fascinating new ways to journal and gain benefits from this important discipline. Women come away from the Journaling Class with a renewed vision for how they can share their learnings and apply journaling tips to their own decision-making processes.

Our cornerstone group at GateWay of Hope is our Boundaries track. Three times a year, we present some sort of boundaries class, because we know how important it is for women to learn how to say, “No” and when to say, “Yes.” We have seen the consequences when women do not know the difference and allow life to take away their precious selves. So we want every woman to learn about these life-changing guidelines and begin to implement them into their worlds.

Where is the Secret Sauce at GateWay? It’s interwoven into everything we do and every woman we serve. Why is it so important to find the Secret Sauce at GateWay? Because we are the premier place that presents such restorative and transformative change in the lives of women.

Come join us on this journey. We’d love to serve you.

©2016 GateWay of Hope

Finding Women in the Queue

For some strange reason, my printer decided to freak out. Everything was working fine, then it wasn’t. Even after unplugging and rebooting, the printer would not print.printer

In my frustration, I attempted to print several documents which sent them into the queue. Several times, I sent those documents on to this invisible place in techie land where they disappeared. Then I completely forgot about them.

The next day, after I unplugged and rebooted again, the printer decided to resuscitate itself and come back to life. But then, all those documents in the queue spilled forth – in fresh black ink – several copies of the symbols of my frustration.

While I was grateful the printer had decided to join me in the tasks of the day, I now added several pieces of paper to my scrap pile.

Then I decided this experience was not wasted. I could learn something valuable and share it with you.

When women first come to GateWay of Hope, they may be stuck behind a wall of depression, past abuse or a relationship struggle. They may be in crisis and need a counselor or they may need an accountability coach to help them over an obstacle. They may need to find relationship in groups so they know they are not alone.

Many of the GateWay women struggle with their identity. Who am I, really? I am searching for healing, but where do I go from here? What does God have for me? How can I find my purpose in life?

They may feel as if they are in the queue, just waiting for some power source to help them move forward.

Then one glorious day, everything begins to make sense. They realize who they really are – the incredible daughters of God.

They are women who have been gifted to help others, to serve in their communities, to raise a family or to live a contented single life.

They are unique and can accept their authenticity while setting boundaries around their hearts.

They represent the future for our country and they influence others through volunteering, facilitating a group or mentoring a younger woman.

The transformation becomes apparent for those of us on staff who have watched them morph into who God created them to be in the first place.

The junk of the past is gone. The emotional baggage has packed up and left.

What remains is the pure, sweet presence of God in their lives, redesigning their purpose and restoring what was stolen from them.

Suddenly, the power source is obvious. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in their souls and they are no longer stuck in the chaos or struggling to find their direction.

They are transformed and released.

They begin to pour forth love and fulfillment into their communities, their workplaces, their churches and their families.

And their influence creates a ripple effect throughout society.

These are the women of GateWay, empowered to move forward with hope and wholeness, because they have experienced an inner healing that can never be taken away from them.

In the Bible, the prophet Joel wrote, “In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons AND daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men AND women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days” (Joel 2:28-29 TNIV).

This is what happens at GateWay of Hope. Women who once were stuck in the queue are now going forward to make a difference.

Won’t you join us in this incredible ministry? Check out our website or give us a call at 913.393.GATE (4283).

©2016 GateWay of Hope


Finding the Value in Group Relationships

At GateWay of Hope, we offer various groups for women – groups that foster hope, healing and wholeness.Sharing Experiences - Bengston quote

The group dynamic offers several benefits that help us move forward in life:

  • In groups, we realize we are not alone.
  • Within the group dynamic, we begin to grow new relationships with each other.
  • As group members build relationship, we teach each other.

How do these different dynamics work?


When we go through a struggle in life, we often feel as if we’re all alone. Sometimes we may even isolate ourselves so the aloneness becomes not only emotional but also physical.

But within a group, we meet other women who are going through the same struggle. They may even have the same experiences we’ve had.

Even with different experiences, we learn how to deal with the struggle – using a shared solution.

For example: every woman has had a loss of some kind whether it is within a relationship, a circumstance of life, even something as seemingly normal as moving to another state. And we need to grieve those losses in healthy ways.

All women grieve about something. But we don’t grieve in the same way or within the same timeline.

We learn, within groups, to respect that difference in each other yet to empathize because we, too, have grieved.

In some of the more unique groups at GateWay, we address issues women try to keep secret.

A woman who is married to a sex addict is not going to announce her struggle to the world. She will not share that trauma with even some of her best friends.

But within the safety of our group, “Restoring Hope After Betrayal,” women share the secret and realize they are not alone in the struggle.

They support each other, empathize with each other and help each other grow.


This wonderful phenomenon happens within every GateWay group.

Women from various demographics and ages begin to know each other and share together. They focus on the topic of the group, listen to the facilitator and dare to reveal their secrets.

Then one or more of them will bring a snack, share a favorite recipe or decide on a meetup at another time outside their group meeting.

They schedule a coffee together, either at GateWay or in another location. They discover a talent they share, a dream they both have or maybe the same parenting challenges.

They draw a bit closer in relationship and soon they schedule play dates together with their kids, introduce each other to their husbands and/or invite each other into their homes.

They become friends – sisters – with a shared background and now – a new relationship.

We love to see this happening at GateWay, and we welcome the value of relationships as women grow stronger together.


We may have shared experiences, but we don’t all learn in the same ways.

Women who grow together in groups share some of their practical tips with each other. Sometimes the older women help the younger ones; sometimes it works the other way around.

Dr. Michelle Bengtson reminds us how the sharing of our experiences may teach us valuable lessons and perhaps keep us from repeating past mistakes.

We help each other deal with the present but also prepare for the future. And as we heal from the past, we become stronger and more alert so we can help others.

The cycle of health then continues and reproduces itself. Women become stronger.

What we may not have learned from our mothers or grandmothers, we can learn from other women.

Women teaching women. It’s a biblical and a historical truth.

As we teach one another, we grow the dynamic of relationship even better which results in a new normal of strong, confident women moving forward in life to make a difference in our homes, our communities and our world.

So get involved in a group. If you’re interested in groups at GateWay, check out our website. We’re putting together groups for the fall semester and we’d love to have you join us.

©2016 GateWay of Hope

What Restoration Looks Like

Have you ever found an amazing piece of furniture you knew would look spectacular in your home?

But you hesitated to buy it because it needed to be restored. It was covered with years of old varnish and dust and it had so many scars, the original wood couldn’t shine through.

Yet you knew it could be restored and made beautiful again. You knew it could be useful as well as adding a wonderful story to your home.Woman celebrating

So you worked on it day by day. You used chemicals to lift off the old varnish and the gunk of many years.

Then you sanded it, and gradually – even though some of the scars remained – you began to see the beauty of the original wood. The craftsmanship showed through and you were so glad you purchased it.

The piece fit perfectly in your home and you told everyone who visited how it once looked and all the work you did to restore it. You even shared “Before and After” pictures.

And you were so proud of the finished product. Once again, it was beautiful as well as useful.

When women come to GateWay of Hope, they often carry the scars of years of abuse and sorrow. Some of them have lived with the gunk of someone else’s sin and it has weighed them down.

Some of them carry the dust of years of neglect, because they’ve been so busy taking care of others – they’ve forgotten all about self-care.

But deep down inside, they know God has a better plan. So we meet them where they are with whatever problems they carry.

Sometimes they need counseling while other times they want coaching. And almost always, they will benefit from the support of a group.

Then gradually, as the scars are smoothed over and the junk of the past is removed – they begin to shine again. The beauty of their souls reflect God’s love. They rediscover their gifts and begin to revel in new life.

They become useful and beautiful once again. Their “Before and After” stories are amazing as we watch them embrace hope, pursue healing and come full circle into wholeness.

The Psalmist wrote about restoration in Psalm 71:20-21 – “Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once more.”

God does a mighty restoration work with the women who come to GateWay of Hope. From the depths of their pain and sorrow, he brings them up. He honors them and comforts them, providing hope and a new focus in life.

We love to see what God is doing at GateWay of Hope as he brings these incredible women back to life.

©2016 GateWay of Hope – Hope, Healing and Wholeness for Women

Celebrating Incredible Women

women holding handsAs we celebrate National Women’s History Month, we remember all the Christian women who made a difference. These were women of courage and foresight who marched against the traditions of their culture in order to follow their Lord. But who were some of these women?

We have, of course, the biblical histories of Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus who provided a place where he could rest. Legend tells us Martha was a wealthy widow and the homeowner who provided for her brother, Lazarus, and her sister, Mary.

Martha organized the work, supervised her servants and – as scripture implies – used her type A personality to get things done. We need the Martha’s of our world just as much as we need the Mary’s.

Other biblical women who exercised leadership and earned their way to biblical commendation include Lydia, Priscilla, Deborah, Abigail, Rahab, Jael, Mary Magdalene, Suzanna, Junia, Ruth, Joanna and of course, Mary – the mother of Jesus.

But what of the women beyond these biblical characters?

Many Christian women of history are listed as martyrs, those ladies who gave their all for the love of their Lord. Some of these noble warriors included Blandina (177 AD) from France, Perpetua and Felicitas (203AD), Faltonia (4th century AD) and Anne Askew (1546) an English Protestant martyr. Many others may not be recorded here, but they are definitely written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Tim Lambert has compiled a history of Christian women. Many historical women were noted missionaries who brought other people groups to Christ. To become a missionary in those days meant extreme hardship. These women truly left father, mother and homeland for the sake of the Gospel (Mark 10:29).

Some of these brave women include:

  • Ann Lee (1736-1784: a Quaker missionary)
  • Ann Judson (1789-1826: missionary to Burma)
  • Lottie Moon (1840-1912: missionary to China)
  • Mary Slessor (1848-1915: missionary to Africa)
  • Ida Scudder (1870-1960: missionary to India)
  • Evelyn Brand (1879-1974: missionary to India)
  • Gladys Aylward (1903-1970: missionary to China)
  • Elisabeth Elliott and Rachel Saint who helped reach the hearts of the Auca Indians in the 1950’s-60’s.

Other women have served in public service and government. Read about their accomplishments.

At GateWay of Hope, we see the courage and commitment of women every day. These are women who aren’t afraid to tackle some of the issues of their pasts and work with our counselors to find hope, healing and wholeness. They dig deep into their souls to find the places of first hurts. It takes a tremendous amount of personal courage to share how they have been shamed and to reach for the hand of hope that is offered them.

We applaud these courageous women.

Other women commit to coaching sessions and initiate plans for moving forward in life. They meet with our life coach to organize their lives, learn more about their core values and jump over the obstacles that once held them back. In spite of emotional upheavals, they stay in character – strong, living within their core values and moving forward. We admire these women of character.

Women in our groups dare to become vulnerable as they learn about authenticity and share their struggles. They find safety at GateWay whether they’re praying for their adult children, finding their place of significance within the pain of chronic illness or dealing with a spouse who is a sex addict.

These women of GateWay protect their hearts and fight against bitterness. They set healthy boundaries and learn better ways to deal with relationship conflicts. They use the giftings God has given them and refuse to be shamed just because they are women or because they have suffered the struggles of life’s circumstances.

During National Women’s History Month, we salute these brave women of the past who left a legacy of faithfulness. As their sisters, we step forward to serve God in whatever field He leads us to – for the glory of the One who created us to be His courageous women.

©2016 GateWay of Hope – Hope, Healing and Wholeness for Women

Thanksgiving at GateWay

During this season, we have many things to be grateful for at GateWay of Hope. Below are just a few items on our gratitude list:thank you with heart

  • Our new location at 801 N. MurLen, Olathe, KS
  • Our new Executive Director, Dacia Moore
  • Our active and dedicated board members
  • Our House Warming, scheduled for Dec. 1st – 4-8pm
  • Our Ribbon Cutting with the Olathe Chamber of Commerce – Dec 10th, 11am
  • More connections to other organizations who serve women
  • More churches who decided to partner with us
  • The opportunity to serve women through counseling, groups and coaching
  • 26 fabulous volunteers who served throughout 2015
  • The referrals we receive from clients, group members, pastors and friends
  • Women trained as Group Leaders and serving at GateWay or in their own networks
  • The women who now understand more about setting boundaries and protecting their hearts
  • Women who have come full-circle from client to group member to group leader and volunteer
  • A completely renovated library our women can use for resources
  • The safe and peaceful atmosphere women feel at GateWay

Besides all these gratitudes, we watch women heal and make progress. Some of them will no longer need our services. Some will reach their goals and move on. Some will build relationships in groups and cherish new friends.

We are grateful for all these blessings and for the continued work of GateWay of Hope.

Has GateWay made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear about it.

©2015 GateWay of Hope

How to Transition Well

We’re in a transition time at GateWay. We have a new Executive Director and this week, we’ll begin our move to a new location.801 N Murlen - new site

All transitions are a bit tricky, but if we’re determined to do them well – they can result in joy.

Whether we’re packing boxes, finding ways to repurpose furniture or sharing financials with a new staff member – transitions involve several levels of movement in order to succeed.

–          Patience

Everyone is tired. We’re working longer hours and moving heavy boxes. We’re deciding what to keep and what to give away, choosing paint colors while doing ministry, drinking another cup of our chosen caffeine.

We do this transition well by being patient with others and with ourselves. Hurry doesn’t solve anything and can result in a broken lamp or a wounded heart.

We take deep breaths, do what we can, when we can, and know that step by step – the work WILL get done.

–          Grace

GateWay of Hope has been in this location and serving well for nine years. That’s a lot of memories and dynamics between people and even objects.

Moving to a new location forces us to clean out messes, throw away trash and wrap carefully the things we treasure.

It also forces us to consider the grief of change and how that affects all of us – staff, volunteers, board members and our precious GateWay women.

We give each other grace every day – and lots of hugs.

–          Acceptance

Our new space will look different although we’ll work hard to make it still feel like the cozy, safe atmosphere of GateWay.

We’ll use much of the same furniture, flowers and pictures, but we’ll design the space to accommodate new rooms and various dimensions.

With time, we’ll all grow accustomed to GateWay of Hope at 801 North MurLen. We’ll recognize the same spirit of acceptance and respect for every person who enters. And we’ll move forward to help women find hope, healing and wholeness.

So be patient with us and give us grace as we meander through this transition. Accept the changes and embrace the newness.

And remember that GateWay of Hope isn’t just a location. It’s also where God Himself stretches out his arms to welcome his daughters home.

©2015 GateWay of Hope