The Courage to Be Still

Be still - Sara's blog post pikI want the courage to be still,
to not be afraid to exist in the spot I am
instead of racing for where I think I should be
or reaching for what I think I should have.

I want the courage to shed the shoulds.
to not be in control,
to not set the time table, to not pick the direction,
to not trust self before God.

I want the courage to fall in.
to be open, to be here,
to be present, to breathe it in.
to really listen.

I want the courage to accept that stillness is not the same as laziness,
that sometimes quality is not found in productivity;
to respect I am a part of a plan
even though my plans will likely fall apart.

I want the courage to be still in this time,
in this place, for this purpose,
to know God moves even if I don’t.

I want the courage to not push myself
but instead let him carry me.
I would arrive less worn and with impeccable timing.

I want the courage to believe there are times
I must do His will by not doing a thing.

Carry me, Abba.
Hold me still in Your strength.
Press my ear to Your heart.

Give me the courage to hear this is the start of something lovely.

© 2014 – Sara Brunsvold –
GateWay of Hope – The Helping Place for Hurting Women