What Do We Crave?

A good friend recently described her emotional struggle as “An empty pit inside that I have to fill with something.”

That’s a great description of the reason we have cravings. Whether it’s a genuine need from our physical body for a particular type of nutrient or something even deeper – we all have cravings.Made to Crave

The problem we face is how to deal with those cravings.

Do we fill up on empty calories, stuffing ourselves with foods that we know aren’t good for us and ultimately lead to more cravings?

Do we attempt to fill our loneliness pit with relationships that ultimately fail and may in the long run hurt us more deeply than being alone ever did?

Do we buy clothes and houses and cars we can’t afford because we hope they will make us feel better about ourselves?

These are some of the things we crave and some of the reasons why we feel so discontent and even miserable about our lives.

We do have an empty pit, and it needs to be filled.

But we can fill it with more positive substances. We can learn to make healthier choices, to set boundaries around our hearts and to stop and think before we buy something we don’t really need.

We can also look to a higher source to fill that need.

Lysa Terkeurst writes, “We were made to crave – long for, want greatly, desire eagerly, and beg for – God. Only God.”

By addressing our cravings honestly, we can replace them with a healthy plan, make peace with ourselves and live our lives with that empty pit filled to the brim – with God’s love.

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