Domestic Violence – 25 Ways You Can Help

In October, we became better aware of domestic violence.  If you’re like me, you can sometimes feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do.  I’d like to close the topic of domestic violence with a list of 25 practical things we can do to help.  As with previous blogs, this list came from the seven Christian women who were survivors of domestic abuse.


1.      Listen and believe her story

2.      Accept and affirm her

3.      Be available

4.      Remind her that God still loves her

5.      Help her evaluate the safety risk, develop a safety plan, or file a Protection From Abuse order

6.      Give her permission to leave or separate

7.      Become better educated on domestic abuse

8.      Be familiar with resources she will need: food pantries, clothes closets, social services, counselors, lawyers, shelters, support groups

9.      Loan or give her a car

10.  Underwrite Christian counseling

11.  Assist her with attorney fees

12.  Help her find housing and pay her rent for several months

13.  Give her gas or food cards

14.  Keep the abuser accountable

15.  Offer to baby sit

16.  Help her to change the locks on her house or install a security system

17.  Repair her car or change the oil

18.  Offer to have her mail sent to your house

19.  Be a mentor or friend to her children

20.  Pray with and for her


1.      Ignore the situation

2.      Expect her to return home right away

3.      Counsel the perpetrator if you are counseling her; refer him to someone else

4.      Condemn her for leaving or divorcing

5.      Betray her confidences