Domestic Violence – Why Women Stay

When we think of domestic violence, many of us wonder why women stay and don’t just leave.  That’s one of the questions I asked the group of abuse survivors I met with.

What motivated you to leave?

  1. I got tired of walking on egg shells.
  2. My children
  3. Friends and family who were Christians came to me and gave me   permission to leave.
  4. I was afraid of killing or hurting my husband.
  5. I was afraid of getting pregnant again.
  6. I was lying about being abused and I didn’t want to lie.

What were the obstacles in you leaving?

  1. I was controlled and isolated by the abuser.
  2. I couldn’t make it financially.  I didn’t have a job or anyway of making money.
  3. I was afraid of him taking or hurting the kids.
  4. I was hoping he would change.
  5. I was told divorce is wrong and a sin and that I’d get “crowns in heaven” for staying.
  6. I was told I should stay in the marriage, “no matter what.”

Put yourself in the place of the women who gave the above answers.  What would you do if you had their experiences?

One thought on “Domestic Violence – Why Women Stay

  • October 9, 2010 at 1:29 am

    I left it took 16 years but I finally listened to God and He gave me the courage to leave him.

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