Fighting Depression

depressed womanA television minister recently outlined some practical steps for fighting depression. Most women struggle with depression at some time or other in life. Sometimes, this is a clinical depression that requires medication and the supervision of a doctor. Sometimes depression is the result of abuse or abandonment, and sometimes it can be a direct spiritual attack.

Whatever the cause, the following steps help us move toward hope and a sense of well-being.

1. Guard your Heart
Don’t let Satan get into your soul and deceive you. Fill your heart with the word of God and prayer so that the enemy can’t own any part of you.

2. Don’t Nurse or Rehearse your Problem
Instead, disperse it by talking to the mountain – the problem – rather than talking about it. Refuse to give any power to the problem.

3. If there is a Gap or a Hole in your Heart, ask God to fill it.
Maybe you’re lonely and grieving; ask God for comfort and ask Him to send someone to help you. Maybe you’re worried about finances and discouraged at your lack of resources; ask God to provide for you or to show you if there’s something else you can do. Maybe you’re sick; ask God to be your healer and to make you well. Instead of trying to figure out the solution yourself, ask God what you should do.

4. Use Thanksgiving as a Weapon

Continue to thank God for all the things you do have and all the blessings He provides. Speak these things out loud and remind yourself of all you have. In your quiet time, spend moments just thanking God rather than asking Him for anything.

In everything, give thanks. All the time, give thanks.

By practicing these points, we can fight depression and find our way back to joy. Since the joy of the Lord is our strength, that is the place where we want to keep our souls – fully entrenched in the strength of joy.

©2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries