How to Find Our Lost Creativity

What happens to women when they lose their creativity? How can they find it again?colored pencils

A recent sermon by my pastor focused on the fact that we were created to create. The Bible reminds us that we were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).

Since God is the Creator – to operate in his image – we create.

But when trauma or the circumstances of life or just plain busy-ness overwhelm us, we lose the energy to create.

And sometimes, we don’t even realize this is happening to us. We may feel a nudge to paint a landscape, to sew a pillow, to write a story, to bake a pie – but we talk ourselves out of it.

“I’m too busy. I really should do that other project or clean the house or something. I don’t have time to play.”

We squelch the Holy Spirit by refusing to create.

Being creative matters to God and in many ways, mankind has accepted the challenge.

We figured out how to add milk and flour to yeast and formed a loaf of bread.

We learned how to use physics, geometry and speed to invent cars, trains and planes.

We captured light and put it into a bulb.

We wove the same 26 letters of the alphabet into stories that became articles, newspapers and books.

We opened our mouths and found our voices, then learned how to work our diaphragm and sing.

But then – we women – sometimes closed down all that creativity and the opportunity to make something better of what we were given.

We believed lies told to us. We “shoulded” ourselves or “what-iffed” ourselves so that guilt and fear overrode the desire to create.

It’s time to take that gift back. It’s our calling to create, to make something beautiful out of what we’ve been given.

Creation matters to God, and we matter to God. Joining ourselves to his work results in eternal blessings and gives us joy in our todays.

So … the next time you feel that nudge – do it. Create something. Play.

And then let us know about it at GateWay of Hope. We are praying for your healing.

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