Finding Your Love Language

Why is your love language so important?heart of art

Because once you know your love language, your friends and family will know how to better relate to you and share their love.

So what are the love languages?

Meaningful Touch / Affection:
Some women give and receive love through the language of touch. They want to be hugged, hands held, given love pats, etc. They feel cherished and treasured when they are touched.

Quality Time: The woman who craves quality time wants you to pay attention to her. When she speaks, listen and respond. Spend time doing meaningful things with her. Even helping with the dishes or folding the laundry can become quality time.

Words of Affirmation:
Some women need to hear encouraging and affirming words…often. These women appreciate sentimental cards, text messages with “I love you” or “You are my world.” They feel treasured when you take the time to send them a love message with words.

Acts of Service: The Acts of Service woman feels most loved when someone does something for her. Is she dreading the laundry? Do it for her. Does she need her cabinets painted? Make sure that happens. Do something special for her and she will feel loved.

Gifts: The woman who needs to be loved with gifts will appreciate tokens of your admiration. She needs to be surprised with gifts – nothing that she expects for Christmas, birthdays or special days. She likes the gift of one flower when she begins a new project and a full bouquet when she finishes the project. She likes a nugget of chocolate or a piece of jewelry or a new scarf – at unexpected times – just because you love her.

So how will you love the woman in your life this Valentine’s Day?

Discover her particular love language and bless her with touch, time, words, service or a gift. She will love you for knowing her love language and responding in the appropriate way.

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