The Frozen Restored

Last week, I walked through a lawn and garden area in one of the big box stores in Olathe. I searched for the best bargains so that I could plant my spring gardens and landscape my yard. The colors and textures of the various plants reminded me of the Creator and I wanted to buy everything I saw. But I also needed to stay within my budget.

Toward the back of the nursery stood several shelves, loaded with plants that had obviously been left out in the recent freeze. Brown leaves. Wilted blooms. All at half-price.

But as I looked at the plants, I noticed that life still emerged from the roots and some of the newer leaves seemed perfectly healthy. So I bought several of the purple lobelias to plant in my terra cotta pot. Purple against orangey brown – a perfect combination.lobelias

At home, I carefully clipped off the frozen leaves and the dried blooms, then added new potting soil and prayed. “Help these flowers grow, Lord, and bless the planting. Bring them back to life and restore what has been harmed.”

Then I thought about GateWay and the many women who come through our doors, seeking help. Many of them have been frozen by life’s circumstances, their passions and dreams damaged because of the abuses they have suffered and the ways they have been treated.

But even though they feel hurt and rejected, placed on shelves far away from leadership roles and labeled as “damaged goods,” life still exists. Passions, dreams and goals can still emerge from the brokenness.

They only need to be nurtured, to be cared for, to have the damage addressed so that new life can spring forth and they can blossom once again.

Here at GateWay, they find that type of care. They talk honestly with counselors and share their hurts with support groups. They receive healing prayer and find restorative goals within our coaching sessions.

At GateWay, no woman is ever rejected. We understand the value of women and the important roles they can play in their homes, they churches and their communities.

All they need is some tender care, some nurturing help and a planting in just the right place. When that happens, they bloom with new growth and provide beauty to all their surroundings.

2014 GateWay of Hope – The Helping Place for Hurting Women
Rebecca Thesman, Life Coach and Program Director