GateWay’s Glossary

Within the three ministries at GateWay; counseling, groups and prayer—we often hear some of the same words. So we thought it might be a good idea to let you in on the special glossary of terms that we use at GateWay of Hope. This list is by no means exhaustive. Words and their meanings can change, depending on our maturity, our culture and our understanding.

BEEPS: What we use to help us avoid facing the truth; may also include subjects that have kept us from accepting truth in the past.
B = Behaviors
E = Events
E = Experiences
P = People
S = Substances

Triggers: Any stimuli that create emotional or spiritual feelings. Often, when we are triggered, someone is wounded—usually ourselves.

SLIP: a one-time violation; hopefully, something we can learn from as we become more mature and avoid more slips.
S = Short
L = Lapse
I = In
P = Progress

Shame: One of the most effective tools of Satan, based on the lie that God can’t possibly love us.

Abuse: any violation of a woman’s boundaries whether emotional, physical, sexual, mental or spiritual.

: guidelines that protect us from any type of abuse and keep us safe from toxic people and/or circumstances.

Denial: avoidance of reality, usually because we don’t want to face the pain that truth represents.

Joy Camp
: the place of peace, safety and treasured experiences.

Ezer: a Hebrew word that means “warrior.” Women who use their gifts to serve God are ezers.

Brave: an adjective describing the women who come to GateWay who work on their issues and become ezers.