Gifts That Keep Giving

It happened again.praying_hands_bible

I began my morning devotion time with God as the divine whisper stirred in my soul. “Turn to Psalm 57, verse 10.”

So I started to look at the verse in my New International Version, but again was instructed, “Upstairs. The Amplified.”

In my bedroom, with my Amplified Bible before me, I read a different version of Psalm 57:10. Then I journaled what I learned from the words of King David, “For your mercy and loving-kindness are great, reaching to the heavens, and your truth and faithfulness to the clouds.”

A beautiful passage. A reminder that God showers us with mercy, loving-kindness, truth and faithfulness.

Later that day, I shared the same verse with two women from different walks of life, dealing with different struggles. Then I wrote a blog post about the verse, describing some of the things I had journaled earlier in the day and also some of the truths I had thought about ever since God gave me that early-morning assignment.

So far, that one verse has blessed two women, three – counting me, and it has contributed to a blog post where it will be read by our followers, including you.

Who knows how many people it will bless in the days to come?

The really wonderful thing about this is that our amazing and awesome God knew even before I woke up that a couple of hurting women would need to be reminded about his mercy, his loving-kindness, his truth and his faithfulness. He knew they would need that particular message today.

And he knows all the other women who will need it – women I haven’t even met and won’t know about until I run into His arms in heaven. That shows how much God loves his daughters and how much he wants to heal those incredible hurts they suffer.

So…each morning, I’m going to be listening to hear what message he has for the day. Who knows what might happen tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Rebecca Thesman, Progrm Director and Life Coach