God Understands Our Hearts

“God understands our hearts. He longs for us to embrace our truest feminine selves…

When we begin to understand that feminine strength is a brave, godly strength – we are not afraid anymore. When God has transformed our hearts, we no longer have to be afraid to offer our feminine hearts to others. When our feminine hearts are strengthened by God, we become bold, with nothing held back as we fight God’s battles for the broken around us, as we help others find their feminine beauty and the feminine strength that only God can give.”

from In the Wildflowers by Julie Woodley (workbook for GateWay’s Women Restored group)

Our Women Restored group begins Monday, September 12, 6-8pm. The registration process involves an interview and the completion of several forms. NOTE: participants must be engaged with a mental health professional. To register, call 913.393.GATE (4283) or contact rebecca.gwhope@att.net.