How to Find Inevitable Joy

When we travel through life, we face many types of obstacles. Some are relational, some physical – while others involve the emotions of fear and uncertainty. No matter where we go or how we get there, some of the same principles apply. And…as Deborah Simon has written in this series…we can eventually find joy in the finished process.

My landing in Minsk, Belarus, was unexpected and rough. The fog was so close to the ground that we passengers didn’t know we were landing until seconds before.

And in spite of the fact that we landed with a hard bounce, almost everyone in the plane cheered. We were grateful to the pilot and delighted to be at our destination.

On the opposite end of the landing scale, setting down in Little Rock, Arkansas, was smooth and mundane. Very few of us even thought about the pilot.

The landing in Minsk was much more difficult than the one in Little Rock, but it was also more appreciated.

The rougher the flight, the more the clouds. And the longer the delay, the more joyful the landing.

I don’t like life’s upsetting journeys full of obstacles and delays, but I learn most and grow in my faith when the journey is difficult.

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a difficult time is the encouragement and companionship of others.

When I finally arrive at my destination, I feel not only relief, but a rejoicing that I am at last where I, and God, want me to be.Deborah S 0712

What about you? What has been the most difficult obstacle in your journey and what did you learn from it?

2013 Deborah Simon, Executive Director
GateWay of Hope Ministries, The Helping Place for Hurting Women