How to Find Personal Boundaries in Quilts

Debby Mosher guest posts for us today. Debby lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and served as a co-leader in one of our Boundaries groups. She works at Allen Press as an assistant managing editor and she exhibits her creative flair as a flautist, a sign language interpreter, a mother and a grandmother. Debby is also an avid quilter.quilt

As I passed around patterns, materials, batting, and then quilts – I wanted to illustrate the Boundaries lesson “How to Measure Success in Boundaries.”

Our success is the walking through of our boundaries to see that they are good and fruitful.

We are all made of wonderful materials with which God created us. These materials are illustrated through colors and accents, blending and contrast, shapes, sizes, sewing, cutting, tearing, piecing and quilting.

Throughout our lives we ALL have troubles; we are often cut and torn, then pieced back together; sometimes poorly and other times well.

Yet throughout our lives, we may purposefully allow ourselves through our choices and boundaries (or lack thereof) to be torn apart again and again.

But we will eventually be pieced back together through our good choices and godly and healthy boundaries. Then we become fully well and full of grace.

Batting is added for softness and backing for strength (as in the Trinity or the biblical three cords – top, batting, backing).

We then allow the divine Quilt Maker to strike through all three layers again and again and again. He quilts all three layers into our own special and loved, beautiful and strong, selves.

Our choices and boundaries, good and bad, have then become a real part of our true beauty.

Finally, our layers are bound together all the way around (with the essence of God’s love – His seal and the Holy Spirit of God). Nothing else can get in. We are then His creation and our true selves at the same time.

Life will help you become the real you through all your choices and boundaries – thanks to the original Quilt Maker.

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