Imagining Heaven

My granddaughter, Haley, and I spend a lot of time together. We both have gigantic imaginations and love to share made-up stories with each other. Our favorite subject is heaven, and so we use our imaginations and what the Bible says about heaven.

The other day on a prayer card, Haley wrote that she wanted a pony in heaven because she will never get one here on earth. We talked about how we will have our own horses in heaven and what we want them to look like. She wants a pink one. I told her that if God wants her to have a pink horse, then He will make one just for her because He loves her so much.

Our excitement escalates when we imagine ourselves going up to a heavenly lion and rolling around on the ground with it. Laughing and playing tag with a real live lion, hugging its neck and getting big ole slobber kisses.

I’ll be able to run and play tag with Haley; in my new body I’ll have great legs again. Most precious of all will be seeing our little Jocelyn. She died when she was two months old. We look forward to running with her and giving her all the hugs we’ve missed here on earth.

Haley and I get big smiles on our faces when we talk about our heavenly home. She has a view of heaven I never had as a child, and because of it she is looking forward to seeing her real home and her Heavenly Father who is always with us here on earth. In heaven we will be able to finally see His face and look into those eyes that, I believe, will reflect a love for me that I have spent a lifetime trying to see.

The great thing is that my granddaughter is only six years old and already tells others about Jesus. I was so proud of Haley when she went to kindergarten and shared with her classmates all about heaven. She told them how wonderful heaven will be and how much Jesus loves us to allow us to go there. No guns in heaven, no more death, no scrapes or bruises, no mean evil people to hurt us – just love from Jesus.

One little boy said he wanted to go to heaven, too. Haley told him he could only go to heaven if he had Jesus in his heart. So the little boy asked Jesus into his heart. Now he, too, will go to Haley’s heaven. One girl told Haley she was lied to…that there is no Jesus. She very promptly informed her that Jesus was real, because He lived in her heart.

A little child shall lead them (Isaiah 11:6). Haley and I are excited about going to heaven. Since we are children of God, we shout out the truth and pant for our eternal home.

– Submitted by a GateWay volunteer