It’s Not Your Fault

So many of us women have been taught, “It’s your fault.”

But that’s a lie.

depressed womanWhile Jamie endured the sexual abuse, her perpetrator whispered, “It’s your fault. You’re so pretty, you lured me into this.”

The guilt and shame traveled with Jamie all her life. But it was a lie.

It was the abuser’s sin and his weakness. It was not Jamie’s fault.

Marcy’s mother-in-law blamed her for the miscarriage of her grandchild. “It’s all your fault, Marcy. If you hadn’t been so active and exercised every day, you would have kept that baby.”

Marcy grieved her unborn child and believed her mother-in-law’s words.

But they represented a lie. The miscarriage was not Marcy’s fault.

Throughout the early years of married life, Sandy listened to the rage of her husband. “You burned supper again,” he screamed as he beat her. “You can’t do anything right. It’s all your fault.”

Sandy believed the lies as her husband destroyed her self-respect and scarred her body. But everything he said was a lie.

Honorable men don’t beat their wives nor do they verbally abuse them. It was not Sandy’s fault.

Jesus reminded us that “the truth makes us free” (John 8:32).

Of all the religious leaders in history, Jesus was the one who respected, admired and cherished women. He spoke kindly to women, he included them on his ministry team and he healed them.

Jesus knows it is not your fault.

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Offering Help to Hurting Women

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