Did You Know?

We shared some of these talking points at our Chocolate Extravaganza. But some of you were not able to come, and some of you were busy bidding and eating chocolate.

So we’d like to share with you some of the important facts about GateWay.Gateway - Banner 2 - _We love GateWay!_

Did you know…

GateWay has existed as a nonprofit organization since 2006.

In the almost 8 years that GateWay has been open, we have helped more than 500 women.

GateWay has 4 services: Counseling, Groups, Coaching and Prayer.

As a nonprofit organization, GateWay has an active Board of Directors. Currently 5 people serve on this board.

GateWay has an active volunteer corps of 17 people.

In order to be a Group Leader or Co-Leader at GateWay, our leaders attend a one-hour orientation and a 2-hour training session. Our leaders work closely with our Program Director.

GateWay’s location is known for its unique safety and beauty. Our atmosphere is cozy and when women come into GateWay, they often say, “Ah-h-h.”

We recently updated our website. Check us out at www.GWHope.org.

At our Chocolate Extravaganza, 34 people volunteered to help make that evening a success.

We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

On Facebook, we have 94 friends. Let’s make it 100. “Like” us here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GateWay-of-Hope-Ministries/253230119668

Every summer, we plan a special book study or creative group offering. This summer, we will offer the study, “Made to Crave.”

We are supported by individuals, churches, special events and the women who come to us for services.

Our Chocolate Extravaganza on March 1 was our first major fundraising event. We plan to make it an annual celebration.

The first coaching consultation at GateWay is free.

Want to know more? Schedule a visit and experience for yourself the atmosphere at GateWay of Hope.

2014 GateWay of Hope – The Helping Place for Hurting Women