Life Changes in Moore, OK

How quickly life can change! We were all reminded of that truth as a monstrous tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, and changed lives forever. Homes gone. Possessions scattered across several counties and sadly – some loved ones graduated to heaven.oklahoma-city-tornado-3

In a moment, everything changed.

Yet for those who believe, soul truth helps us find an anchor in a changing world and keeps us breathing day by day. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes. Weather currents, economic upheavals, even late spring freezes and early summer tornadoes can’t change God.

But although God never changes, his mercies are new every morning. When the sun peeked through the shattered limbs of leftover trees in Moore, God’s mercies were new and available for that particular day. When churches and social services provided water, sandwiches and a listening ear – God gave special mercies for that moment.

Even when a tiny baby was pulled from the rubble and later buried with its mother, God’s mercies were available to comfort those left behind.

None of us can explain why these things happen. Of course, the science behind tornadic activity is easily described – cool mountain air merges with warm moist air from the Gulf, creating the perfect conditions in tornado alley.

But why that particular monster storm dropped onto a community that has seen its full share of twisters – no one knows.

The whys of life cannot be explained, but for those of us who believe in God – we know Who holds the planet in place. We know the God who comforts grieving communities and provides shelter for the homeless. We hang on to the truth that when question marks invade life, we still exclaim that God knows the answers.

And we understand that no matter how life changes – divine mercies are still available.

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Image CNN