Making a Deposit

Every two weeks or at least once a month, most of us make a deposit in the bank. We trust that institution to use our money to help our communities, to grow our investments and to make a difference.

Psalm 31:5 repeats the words of Jesus on the cross, “Into Thy hand I commit my spirit.” Although we think of Jesus when we read these words, they were written here by King David. What did the Shepherd King mean when he penned this verse?

A notation in one translation reads that “commit” can be transcribed as “to deposit.” What a great idea!

To deposit our lives with God means to trust Him to make an investment with what we have given Him. He can use our gifts – our deposit – to make a difference in our community and our world, to grow what we have given Him, to use it for the benefit of others.

At GateWay of Hope, we have women who regularly deposit their traumas and crises into the loving hands of God. Then He does a miracle and makes something good come out of their trust. He multiplies their investments in a creative endeavor that makes a difference for eternity. Although they may not immediately see what God is doing, He works to get the most out of their commitments, because He knows the value of these women and He appreciates their trust in Him.

As we commit our spirits to God, He takes that deposit and turns it into something good – which increases our trust and builds hope.