Making the Transition from Home to Work

Life as I have known it for the past decade will soon change. After 12 years as a stay-at-home mom, I am returning to work outside the home. business woman

It is out of financial necessity that I am making this leap. Bills need to be paid, and economic uncertainty with my husband’s job looms large. Plus, with three kids now in school, work is a more viable option than when I had three babies in diapers.

Part of me is eager to enter this new phase of life as I balance family and job responsibilities; I am a people person and enjoy working hard.

Yet another part of my heart aches for the changes I know will be experienced in the coming weeks: Waking up an hour early to get myself and the family ready for the day. Wearing dress clothes in the morning instead of comfortable pajama pants. Eating lunch at work instead of with my child in the school cafeteria. Figuring out what to cook for dinner after a tiring day at work.

I know there are other working moms on the planet; I see them taking their kids to school and attending their children’s evening functions. They are sharply dressed and have that on-the-go stride. For years, I wondered how these women managed all the responsibilities in their lives without collapsing.

Now I am one of those women.

Through it all, God is teaching us about trust. We must trust each other to do the best job possible at home, work, and school. We much help one another. We must trust God for the energy and emotional strength to make this transition.

Someone told me that I had to schedule some time in the day just for myself—time for my interests, time to rest. I laughed out loud. How on earth will I be able to fit that into the day?

God never promised that the transition from being at home full-time to working outside of home would be easy.

But He did promise to never leave me. In the course of each day, He will walk beside me and always be attentive to my needs.

What more can I ask for?

© 2014 Submitted by a GateWay Volunteer
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