Myths about Boundaries

Boundaries workbookAt GateWay, our classes on Boundaries continue to be well-attended with waiting lists for the next ones. Sometimes we can be afraid to set boundaries, because we’ve believed some of the myths.

Drs. Cloud and Townsend make it clear:

Myth #1: If I set Boundaries, I’m being Selfish

Myth #2: Boundaries are a Sign of Disobedience

Myth #3: If I begin setting Boundaries, I will be Hurt by other People

Myth #4: If I set Boundaries, I will Hurt Others

Myth #5: Boundaries mean that I am Angry

Myth #6: When Others set Boundaries, it injures Me

Myth #7: Boundaries cause Feelings of Guilt

Myth #8: Boundaries are Permanent, and I’m Afraid of Burning my Bridges

Maybe you’d like to find out the truth to fight these myths.
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It could change your life.

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