Practical Tips for Dealing with Stress

A good working definition for Stress is “Any situation that keeps us from peace.”screaming woman

Stress begins in the mind with our reactions to external and internal experiences, but then – it travels to the body. Stress weakens our immune systems, constricts the volume of blood, raises cholesterol levels and contributes to chronic degenerative diseases.

So what should we do to decrease stress? Here are a few suggestions:

• Slow down. Do only one thing at a time.

• Learn to say, “No.” Have you taken one of our Boundaries classes?

• Breathe deeply.

• Eliminate clutter.

• Laugh.

• Take a leisurely walk.

• Color.

• Read something fun – how about a children’s book?

• Pray. Foster and maintain a healthy faith.

• Rid yourself of anger.

• Forgive.

• Create periods of non-thinking.

• Sleep.

• Love yourself and others.

• Realize you will not finish everything, and that’s okay.

If you need help with stress issues, contact us at GateWay of Hope. 913.393.GATE (4283). Our counselors can help you sort through some of the reasons for stress. Our coach can help you put together a plan to alleviate stress.

We help hurting women, and stress is one of the hurts we deal with.

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