How to Pull Off a Successful Event

How does a nonprofit organization with only a handful of staff pull off a major fundraising event?

Easy answer. You enlist the help of several incredible women.

For our Chocolate Extravaganza, GateWay’s first major fundraising event, we knew we needed help to organize and initiate the event. Thus, we asked women if they wanted to be on our event team.Chocolate Cake

Eight women answered the call:
Brenda Miller
Dorette Rehkop
Jodi Parker
Katie Buckman
Linda Irwin
Michele Hayden
Natalie Carter
Shannon Phipps

They organized the event’s activities, secured donations from organizations, businesses and individuals, helped to network and get the word out, took care of each other’s kids, supplied an enormous amount of materials, used their giftings to volunteer for each of the specific areas, showed up for meetings, helped with set-up and tear-down, offered the services of their spouses and their kids, worked together and basically – made the event happen.

Because this group of women worked so diligently, we will be able to help more hurting women.

And now we have more ideas for next year’s event!

We shout out a big thank you to the GateWay Event Team for making our Chocolate Extravaganza a huge success!

2014 GateWay of Hope – The Helping Place for Hurting Women