Relationships 101

Recently, a professor at Stanford lectured about the mind-body connection, especially in relation to stress and disease. He stated that women maintain and improve their health better than men, because they nurture relationships with girlfriends. Women “provide support systems that help each other deal with stress and difficult life experiences.”

Men share activities together, but not emotions. As women spend time with each other and share their feelings, their bodies create more serotonin—the neurotransmitter of well-being.

Women share from their souls and build relationships that last a lifetime. Within families; aunts, mothers and granddaughters form bonds of relationship that deepen and build character throughout the years. Women in church ministries and the women in our GateWay groups are strengthened by the dynamics of meeting together, sharing life and praying for one another.

Exercise, proper nutrition and quality sleep help us maintain our health. But strong relationships with women have just as important an effect on our long term well-being.

So grab a girlfriend, go have some coffee and share the nitty gritties of life. Then give each other a hug and say, “Be healthy.”