Counseling, Coaching & Support Groups

ServicesAt GateWay of Hope, we provide counseling, coaching, and group support aimed at leading women to discover hope, pursue healing, and live in wholeness. For some, this may mean learning to set healthy boundaries in their lives, or perhaps recovering from the loss of a loved one, while for others it may mean surviving abusive or controlling relationships, or coping with family members with substance or pornography addictions.


Our counseling services are provided by licensed mental health professionals who maintain a focus on the whole person — body, mind and spirit. Our counselors work from a Christian perspective. For those who request it, we integrate God and faith into the counseling process, with a focus on faith and deepening your relationship with God.

We offer three types of Counseling:

  • Mental Health Counseling for women who struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or dissociation.
  • Personal Growth Counseling for those who want help with boundaries, decision-making, relationships or loss and grief.
  • Spiritual Formation Counseling is designed for women who want to focus on their relationship with God and beliefs about God, or women who have struggled with spiritual abuse or negative experiences in the church.


Business people at work

GateWay of Hope Coaching offers women the chance to work one-on-one with professional coaches who can help them make positive changes in their lives. Through Coaching, our clients gain a supportive, encouraging partner who can help them be accountable for and focused on a plan for moving forward.

Call today to find out more information or to schedule your appointment – 913.393.GATE (4283).


GateWay Groups provide women with the immeasurable comfort of talking with others facing the same issues in a safe, confidential environment. We understand that connecting with others is key to healing and coping, so we offer groups to help women in many circumstances.


Spring 2018 Support Groups

Restoring Hope After Betrayal meets weekly on Monday evenings to help women talk through and learn coping strategies for this very difficult and highly confidential situation. For women whose husbands are sex addicts, porn watchers and/or having affairs. This group helps women form a supportive bond so they no longer feel alone in this difficult and painful situation. We offer two groups: Phase 1 for women who are just discovering or just admitting to their husbands’ addictions. Phase 2 for women who have journeyed together through Phase 1 and are moving to the next levels of personal growth. Monday evenings – weekly.  Call Amy for more information at  913.393.GATE (4283).

Grief Recovery Group Healing from Loss.

Every other Wednesday for 4 Wednesdays;  Wednesday:  3/7; 3/21; 4/4; & 4/18/18.

This group helps women deal with any type of loss and gives them permission to grieve in a healthy and safe environment.  There are more than 40 types of loss – from the death of a loved one to major financial changes – that produce the range of emotions known as grief. This group helps participants create a plan to learn how losses affect them and move toward healing through new actions. It provides a safe environment for participants to discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished due to a death, a divorce, or other major loss.   You will develop healthy tools for grieving and a safe place to share your grief.

New! The Healing Journey: Healing from Sexual Harm

8 Wednesdays – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, beginning 3/7/18 – 4/25/18

The Healing Journey: Healing from Sexual Harm will help any woman who has experienced sexual harm will benefit from this group.   We will cover topics such as understanding sexual harm, you are not alone, self-care, self-esteem, boundaries, etc. as these topics relate to sexual harm.


New!  Navigating Difficult Relationships

8 Thursdays – 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, beginning 3/8/18 – 4/26/18

The Navigating Difficult Relationships group will help you to dig deeper in understanding a troubled relationship.    You will learn about healthy relationships, boundaries, safe people, toxic relationships, hidden abuse (psychological abuse), and the difference between a disappointing, difficult, and destructive relationship and have time to share while learning from others.

New!  Relax? Are you Kidding??!

4 Saturdays – 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm;  3/31/18 – 4/ 21/18

Relax?  Are you Kidding??!    This 4 week class will explore the fascinating connection between our emotions and our physical well-being.  Learn more about how the mind, body and spirit are equally important in achieving complete healing.  We will learn about self-care and how to keep our bodies and minds in good shape.  This group is facilitated by a licensed Physical Therapist.


Registration Information

Registration for groups is $40 plus a $30 donation for each month in which you participate in that group.  Registration & payment may be made by clicking here.  Put the name of the group for which you are registering in the notes section of the donation page.

Questions??  Call Debra Craig at 913-393-4283 or email her at

There is no fee for prayer groups

Prayer Groups

Praying for Adult Children (PAC Moms) provides women the opportunity to pray for their adult children. A confidential setting for women to bring their heart cries to God and share the burdens of their adult children with other caring women. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 5:15pm.

Finding Treasure through the Valleys provides encouragement for women with chronic pain or illness. A place for women to meet others dealing with the discouragement of any type of chronic pain or illness and search for the treasures together. A wonderful place to connect and find the support and encouragement to live abundantly – in spite of the pain. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 1:30 pm.