Small Changes

A question I often ask in coaching sessions is, “What small change can you make that will change everything?”

About a year ago, I answered that question for myself.

My living room bugged me. Oh, the furniture was okay but something about the room bothered me every time I walked in. What could I change about that living room to make it a better place? What small change could I make that would change everything?

It didn’t take long to figure it out.

I hate white walls – hate them. As a lover of color, I like to experiment with different shades and focal points, painting one wall a different color than the others or finding my inspiration piece and using some of those colors to transform the walls.

yellow kaleidoscopeOne of my new favorite colors is yellow. The color yellow represents joy, spiritual warmth and empowerment. The right shade of yellow stimulates mental processes and activates memory. Plus, it just makes me feel good.

So I started the hunt for the best cozy yellow I could find – something that mimicked a neutral shade yet blended in with all the furniture…something with more color and more inspiration than those yucky white walls.

I found the perfect color, titled “Cozy Cottage.” My son and I moved the furniture, covered things with plastic, dipped our rollers into the pan and transformed that ugly living room into a cozy living space.

Now whenever I spend time in the living room or even walk through, I feel so much better. The room seems to have life, a cheerful atmosphere and best of all – more color.

All it took was a can of paint and one small change.

What is one small change you can make that will change everything?

©2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Rebecca Thesman