How to Stay Close

At GateWay of Hope, we often read the “Jesus Calling” devotional, and several of our clients also have copies.

The devotion on August 4th had a statement that seemed to answer a basic question many of us ask, “How can I be sure I’m in the will of God?”God never worries

We love God. We want to serve him in the best way possible, using our gifts and our talents, our passions and our time – wisely.

But what exactly does that look like?

Sarah Young, author of the “Jesus Calling” book, states it this way, “You don’t have to choose between staying close to God and staying on course. Since He is the Way, staying close to him IS staying on course.”

That makes sense.

When we are close to God, we can more easily hear what he is saying and respond to the tasks he wants us to do.

When we are close to God, we live in peace – which is part of the fruit of the Spirit – a result of his presence in us.

When we are close to God, we don’t have to wonder if we’re obeying him, because we’ll know it. Disobedience will cause a separation.

When we are close to God, we won’t wander off into sidetracks and distractions that can become strongholds.

Living close to God cements our relationship with him and helps us find that abundant life we’re all looking for.

So how do you stay close to God?

  • Spend time with him
  • Pray – talk to him and listen for his response
  • Journal what he says and the nudges he is sharing with you
  • Obey when he says to do something
  • Trust him even when times get rough

Stay close to God and you’ll BE right in the center of his will – close to his heart, loving him by living in his presence.

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