Stop, Look and Listen

Moses walked around the pasture and checked on the sheep. He counted the rams and the ewes, petted the lambs and made sure all of them were healthy. Then he noticed something strange. A bush burned yet wasn’t destroyed by the fire. He said, “Moses old boy, let’s check this out.”

So Moses walked over to look more closely at the bush. Then God called to him.

It wasn’t until Moses actually stopped what he was doing and walked over to the bush that God called. If Moses hadn’t taken the time to check out the bush, would God have waited for someone else? Maybe Aaron or Miriam? Would Moses have missed out on the ministry of a lifetime, to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and direct them toward the Promised Land?

Imagine if the book of Exodus read, “Moses was outside pasturing the sheep when he noticed a bush on fire that didn’t burn up. But the sheep were impatient and needed water, so he ignored the bush and hurried toward them toward the watering hole. Moses spent the rest of his life watching sheep and wondering why God never talked to him.”

God probably had a Plan B, but Plan A was the best.

How many times do we miss the call of God because we don’t stop long enough to look and listen?

Maybe God is burning a bush near you today. He’s waiting for you, hoping that you’ll stop just a moment so that He can tell you all about it.

Stop. Look. Listen. God is calling.

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