125 Women

As we close the calendar on 2011, we evaluate what has happened this year at GateWay of Hope. Between the three ministries of counseling, prayer and groups, we have served 125 women.

Some of these women have found hope and encouragement through a new viewpoint of themselves. They’ve learned more about nutrition and the various ways their bodies react to food. They’ve encouraged each other through the dark clouds of depression and found kindred spirits in the struggle to cope with daily life.

Some of these 125 women are fighting against the ravages of their husbands’ sexual addictions. These women have been reminded that their opinions count and they aren’t going crazy just because their husbands have a problem. They know how to live in freedom and how to set the important boundaries. Some of these marriages are being saved while these strong women learn the importance of confrontation and their own significance.

Another group of women are letting Christ peel back the layers of memory and meet them at their places of deepest pain. These women experience emotional healing prayer and learn how much they are loved by Almighty God. Release, freedom and relief are some of the benefits.

Our counselors have listened and commented, leading women to face their struggles and find workable solutions to move forward in life. We have seen incredible healing and transformation as women find the safety of GateWay as a catalyst for their deepest secrets.

Women who are Unemployed have found a support group that encourages them, helps them network and shares valuable job tips. They meet to pray together and to strengthen each other in their resolve to find that special job where God wants them to serve.

Another group of women encourage each other as they pray for their adult children. They’ve seen some miracles happen, and they’ve been able to commit their children once again to the Father who holds them in the palm of his hand.

125 women – an incredible representation of what God is doing at GateWay. Through counseling, prayer and groups; women are finding the impetus to enter a new year with hope.

Join us for BUGS – Between Us Girls

Every Wednesday night, here at GateWay of Hope Ministries, you’ll find some BUGs. These are not the kind of bugs you will want to get rid of; instead, they are the kind of BUGs you will want to join. Between Us Girls, more affectionately known as BUGs, is a group of women who get together just to talk about relationships. In 2010 they discussed such topics as Boundaries, Forgiveness, and Emotions.

BUGs will begin 2011 with a one month series entitled, “Let’s Talk”. This series will look at various communication styles as well as helpful communication tools. This class will meet every Wednesday in January.

In February and March, BUGs will once again view the popular and helpful “Boundaries” video series. If you need help in knowing when to say yes and when to say no, this video series is for you.

For more information on BUGs or to register for either the January “Let’s Talk” discussion series or the “Boundaries” video series, call GateWay at 913.393.4283 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              913.393.4283      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.