Taking Time Away

Life is busy and demands can crowd your calendar to the point of personal insanity. Even when the calendar isn’t full, it seems difficult to find places to sincerely connect with God and others. Some can carve out some time and place for personal quiet time, but that can become routine and familiar. Sometimes, we just have to get away to refocus! The one thing that keeps us from getting away is often coordinating it on the calendar. Our commitments often offer the biggest constraint to making time for simply being.

You may have a morning free, but don’t find the local coffeehouse all that inviting, or maybe you would like to sit and visit with a girlfriend to share news and encouragement for an hour in the afternoon while the kids are at school, but you find the bathroom calls our for cleaning if you meet at your house. GateWay of Hope Ministries understands and would like to help you take advantage of some quite niches you might find in your calendar.

We have created a space for you that we call The Gathering Place. It is designed with you in mind. Many have used the space and found it quite delightful. We would like to invite you to do the same. For more information about The Gathering Place, contact us: http://gatewayofhopeministries.org/gathering_place.html

We look forward to helping you take some time away!