The Firm Foundation

During this intense drought of 2012, experts urged us to water our foundations. Evidently, the heat and the lack of moisture caused the ground to shrink. If the house settled, the foundation was likely to crack. Even masonry cracked and doors misaligned. The unhappy result for many homeowners was an expensive repair, typically between $3000-5000.

Sometimes, life feels as if the foundations are cracking. A spouse indulges in sexual addictions that lead to adultery, and the solid foundation of the home cracks. Life hands us one struggle after another and we don’t take the time to rest. We feel as if we’re “cracking up.” Financial problems, car wrecks, unemployment – all these may lead to a loss of peace and a subtle fissure of the soul.

The solution isn’t always an easy fix. It may take months of repair, costly therapies or even a health crisis to lead us to the place where we can mortar our lives back together.

2 Timothy 2:19 reminds us, “The firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, ‘The Lord knows those who are His….”

Jesus is the firm foundation we stand on. He never cracks under the stresses of life. He never breaks under the heat of trials, and He never fails us because He knows we are His.

We still may experience spiritual drought, failed marriages and unemployment. Our cars may break down or completely die. We may struggle with a loss of peace in the middle of stress.

But we have a much better chance of not cracking up when our foundation is firmly planted in the strength of Jesus.