The Hurts of Women

Women have so many hurts.depressed woman

Maybe it’s because we’re emotional creatures and we feel things so deeply. The smallest jab of rejection, the tiniest negative comment or a critical expression from someone we love—any of these can send women into a tailspin of low self-esteem.

We also experience life-changing pain from abuse, divorce and any type of loss. Stress eats away at our souls, threatening to suffocate us with its overwhelming force.

Sometimes we even believe the lies we’ve been told that God wants us to continue living in the pain and become submissive victims.

What do women do with all these hurts?

We rely on retail therapy. We shop ‘til we drop, hoping that a new pair of shoes will make us feel better. We enjoy those shoes for a few weeks, then realize the pain is still with us and we need to shop again.

Sometimes we stand over the sink and stuff carbs into our mouths, hoping that the sweet taste of Rocky Road ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup will help us forget the pain. Then we step on the scale and hate ourselves all over again.

Or we stand over that same sink and stick our finger down our throats, trying to purge the critical spirit or the memory of rape. We cut ourselves, rush in and out of relationships or search the internet for a quick fix.

And nothing helps, because we’re trying to solve an inner problem with an outward solution.

The women who come to GateWay know they can find help here. Often, they walk through our door and sigh—almost like a physical expression of “Finally! A safe place to be myself and let down my guard.”

Through our services of counseling, groups, prayer and coaching; women find the hope and encouragement they so desperately need.

Sure, more hurts will come and dealing with past hurts is not an easy fix. But the brave women who come to GateWay take the first steps toward a new life. We are honored to serve them.

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Offering Help to Hurting Women