Tips for De-Stressing

A recent presentation by Dr. Deb Kern provided several tips for how we can relax and de-stress our lives. Taking a personal retreat helps – but if you can’t do that, try some of these tips, provided by Dr. Kern and the GateWay of Hope staff:

• Scream – force the stress out (you might want to warn your family about this or put a pillow over your mouth!)

• Give yourself grace – have compassion on yourself.

• Remember that being too busy is a risk factor. Set healthy boundaries. Just say, “No.”

• Practice healthy breathing – from the diaphragm.

• Stop computer work every hour and move. Do a simple exercise.

• Calm your mind with a favorite Bible verse.

• Press your head back on your car’s headrest. Most of us walk and sit with our heads in a forward position, which increases the stress on the neck muscles.

• Release any fear, resentment and unforgiveness. These are peace killers.

• Stop judging yourself. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique and precious.

• Stop trying to improve yourself. Be content.

• Be your authentic self – the real you. Stop trying to impress everyone or gain approval.

• Remember how much fun it was to color? It’s still fun and requires no age limit.

• Make cookies with a friend.

• Walk in nature and thank God for the colors and textures of autumn.IMG_1496

• Grab a friend and give each other a neck massage.

• Detox your body from sugar.

• Browse through a bookstore. Sit on the floor and read a children’s book.

• Walk through a lawn and garden nursery and buy yourself a flower.

• Cut some wildflowers and arrange them on your kitchen table.

• Watch the sun set or rise – or both.

• Buy yourself a new journal and on the first page – list 10 things you’re grateful for.

• Spend 15 minutes with Jesus. Imagine his arms around you and his voice speaking, “I love you, my precious daughter.”

Let us know which of these tips you tried and how they helped you de-stress.

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  • October 16, 2013 at 10:47 am

    I needed to read this article. Thanks!

    • October 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm

      You are most welcome! We’re glad we could help you in some way. Hope you were able to de-stress!

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