How to Transition Well

We’re in a transition time at GateWay. We have a new Executive Director and this week, we’ll begin our move to a new location.801 N Murlen - new site

All transitions are a bit tricky, but if we’re determined to do them well – they can result in joy.

Whether we’re packing boxes, finding ways to repurpose furniture or sharing financials with a new staff member – transitions involve several levels of movement in order to succeed.

–          Patience

Everyone is tired. We’re working longer hours and moving heavy boxes. We’re deciding what to keep and what to give away, choosing paint colors while doing ministry, drinking another cup of our chosen caffeine.

We do this transition well by being patient with others and with ourselves. Hurry doesn’t solve anything and can result in a broken lamp or a wounded heart.

We take deep breaths, do what we can, when we can, and know that step by step – the work WILL get done.

–          Grace

GateWay of Hope has been in this location and serving well for nine years. That’s a lot of memories and dynamics between people and even objects.

Moving to a new location forces us to clean out messes, throw away trash and wrap carefully the things we treasure.

It also forces us to consider the grief of change and how that affects all of us – staff, volunteers, board members and our precious GateWay women.

We give each other grace every day – and lots of hugs.

–          Acceptance

Our new space will look different although we’ll work hard to make it still feel like the cozy, safe atmosphere of GateWay.

We’ll use much of the same furniture, flowers and pictures, but we’ll design the space to accommodate new rooms and various dimensions.

With time, we’ll all grow accustomed to GateWay of Hope at 801 North MurLen. We’ll recognize the same spirit of acceptance and respect for every person who enters. And we’ll move forward to help women find hope, healing and wholeness.

So be patient with us and give us grace as we meander through this transition. Accept the changes and embrace the newness.

And remember that GateWay of Hope isn’t just a location. It’s also where God Himself stretches out his arms to welcome his daughters home.

©2015 GateWay of Hope