Two Incredible Women

Yesterday, two of my friends experienced life-changing events. Today, they are hurting because their bodies have betrayed them, yet they are trusting in the One who holds them in His hands.

One of my friends suffered a stroke. Perhaps nothing is more frightening than being trapped within your own body, unable to do what your mind is telling you to do. Fortunately, “G’s” stroke caused only minimal damage, but she will be in the Neurological Unit for a while until doctors find the exact source of this event.

As I held her hand and listened to the beeping of the monitors, I wanted to take her out of that place and return with her to last weekend. Just three days ago, three other friends and I laughed together at “G’s” jokes, listened to her wisdom and shared good food.

Now, she lay on that sterile bed, tubes hanging out of her and a giant tear meandering down her cheek. “I want to go to God,” she said, her voice raspy from the breathing tube.

I understood, because sometimes when life hands us those life-changing events, we just want things to be over so that we can be at peace – safe with God.

However, it isn’t time for “G” to leave yet, and all of us who love her are rooting for a complete recovery.

Another friend, “J”, found out yesterday that her cancer is back with a vengeance – now attacking her lymph nodes. She had surgery about a year ago, and we all celebrated the end of that nasty prognosis. But now – here she goes again – right into the same battle, except worse this time. Much worse.

Yet…she is responding with grace. She is asking for prayer from all of us and believing that God hears and answers. She is trusting the One she loves and depending on her relationship with Him.

As I grieve for these crises of my friends, God reminds me of Hebrews 10:23. The New Living Translation states it thus, “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.”

My friends are holding tightly and God is also holding them close. These two incredible women have found hope in knowing that no matter what happens, they are not alone. God is with them.hanging on

What about you? How are you holding tightly today?

2013 Rebecca Thesman, GateWay Program Director and Certified LifeCoach