Updates for # 3

3. Fill our punch bowl with denominations of $5 / $50 / $500.

At our Open House, you will see our display table with pictures and information about GateWay of Hope Ministries. Beside the display, we will have a large bowl for donations. As you think and pray about ways you might give to GateWay, consider these needs:

$10 pays for one woman to attend one group meeting. Beyond the initial cost of registration and the cost of materials, we request a $10 per meeting donation. Some of our women are struggling with unemployment, trauma and financial difficulties. As a nonprofit, we already provide discounted services. Your $10 will help us provide another meeting for one of our group members.

$50 provides two registrations for this summer’s book study. We’ll be going through the book “Choosing Rest” by Sally Breedlove, which teaches how to “Cultivate a Sunday heart in a Monday World.” We have the books ordered and registration is now open.

$500 buys a new computer with the operating system we need. As a nonprofit, we are willing to use what we have, to repurpose furniture and decorations, to be as creative as possible while remaining good stewards. But in order to do business in today’s world, we must have the tools. We are hoping for a new desktop with all the software we need to do the best job possible.

As you think about the donation you would like to make during our Birthday Open House, we thank you for considering our needs at GateWay of Hope Ministries. We’ve included a few ideas in denominations of “5”. We’d love to talk to you in person about other ideas we have.

See you on May 25th from 4-8 !