We’re Expanding !

GateWay of Hope Ministries is expanding! We need electronics, furniture, and gift cards for our new space. We’re asking you, our friends, if you have items that are in good condition that you’d be willing to donate. (We can’t use broken electronics or computers more than two years old. Neither can we use outdated or ragged furniture, because we want our women to feel safe and valued). If you have a large piece, such as a desk or chair, we’ll come take a look to see if we can use it. Otherwise, you can bring your donations to GateWay on Saturday, March 5th from 10-2. If we get double items or things we can’t use, we’ll donate them to other organizations or women in need. You can contact us at deborah.gwhope@att.net or at 913.393.4283. Below is a list of our needs:
• Radio
• 2 computers
• 2 flat screen computer monitors
• 2 white-noise machines (could use heater fans that make noise too)
• 2 desk-top all-in-one printers (print/scan/copy/fax)
• Matching love seat and chair (carpet is a grayed green)
• 2 sets of 2 wing chairs (4 chairs total; the sets don’t have to match each other)
• Floor and table lamps
• 2 large decorative clocks
• 2 desks (preferably each that includes hutch, file cabinet, etc.)
• 2 decorative mirrors
• End tables
• Pictures and decorations
• 1-2 fountains that make good water noise
• Large wall display for holding brochures and booklets
• Curtains (maybe?)
Gift Cards:
• Hobby Lobby
• Office Depot
• Office Max
• WalMart
• Tuesday Morning
• Nebraska Furniture Mart
If you or someone you know works at these or other stores that might be willing to make larger donations, please contact the person and have them see what they can do to help us. Once you find out what they can do, please let us know. We can provide a document that proves we’re a 501c3 organization.