When Choosing SOS Led to Money Management

This blog post is submitted by one of our SOS women, who chooses to remain anonymous.

When my “wasband” left our marriage, so many things changed. 

One change that continues to impact my life is my new financial status, or rather, the feeling of a lack of financial security.

I have met with a financial advisor and participated in several classes including the SOS (Starting  Over Single) group. One of the SOS sessions focused on finances. I was tempted not to go that night because I had free tickets for a concert, featuring a major celebrity. sos

I chose to go to SOS. The concert would be fun for the moment, but my financial future was more important. This decision ended up being the right one.

That evening we learned how “Money manages us rather than us managing our money.”  This statement was true for me.  I had to make a change.

To feel more in control of my money, I track everything I spend daily. Any money out of my hands is recorded, whether it is paid by cash, debit card or credit card. I also record the purpose of the purchase. 

This daily tracking helps me think before I spend.  My challenge is to see how many zero spending days I can gain. Currently I average 3-4 days a week, which becomes money in my bank.

I review my bank account frequently. When I watch my spending, extra money is left in my account after the bills are paid. Then I transfer money into my savings account and/or increase the payment to my credit card.

As my savings grow and my debt is reduced, I feel encouraged to continue this journey of better money management. Now that I have an idea where my money is spent, I can create a budget that I can live with.

When you decide a change is necessary, all the hard work is worth it. No matter what the change might be, if you stick with it, it is possible to change, improve and succeed. 

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