4 Gifts for Hurting Women

heart of art“For your mercy and loving-kindness are great, reaching to the heavens, and your truth and faithfulness to the clouds” (Psalm 57:10 Amplified).

How do these 4 truths help hurting women?

1. Mercy
Definitions of “mercy” include anything from clemency and forgiveness to a blessing. Women who are hurting may need to forgive themselves, forgive others and/or forgive God for allowing difficult struggles into their lives.

And women everywhere can use a blessing and/or learn to be a blessing to someone else. As we give mercy, we also receive mercy.

2. Loving-kindness
God is the only One who loves us unconditionally. Women who are hurting need extra kindness from their families, their friends – from everyone. The fact that God knows how to combine love and kindness brings a special comfort to us, especially when we’re hurting.

3. Truth
The Bible reminds us that the truth is what sets us free, but sometimes getting to the truth and admitting it is half the battle.

The wonderful attribute about God’s truth is that he shows it to us and covers it with his loving-kindness. He isn’t harsh about His truth, because he knows that we sometimes need to just chew on the facts for a while.

And when we realize that Jesus himself is the Truth – that helps us face life with hope.

4. Faithfulness
God is the true lover of our souls who will never betray us, never abandon us and never abuse us. He is faithful to surround us with mercy, to forgive us when we fail, to teach us the truth and to continue to love us forever.

When God makes a promise, he keeps it. Since God has included us in his covenant family, he never throws us out. He is faithful to show us the way we need to take in life and he is faithful to equip us for new tasks.

He won’t leave us or forsake us – ever. He will continue to show us mercy, loving-kindness and truth while remaining faithful to do what he has said he will do.

What about you? Which of these 4 gifts do you appreciate most?

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – The Helping Place for Hurting Women