Finding Hope through Poetry

Forest Testimony Denise R - blog image
by Denise Rector

Fondled? Gouged.
Mauled down to a handful of
scattered atoms, abandoned for dead,
each piece of me looking at the others,
faithless and wanting across the miles to
pull our self back, together.

I couldn’t hear myself crying out
but You moved over my scorching,
breathing rain and seed and time,
moving me forward and together.

Help me learn these confusing, shooting
saplings of desire, the hush and
smell of undergrowth, the warmth that
grows without burning.

And every time
winter comes, remind my secret heart
that You are my living faith in spring.

Bio: Denise Rector is a seminarian in her first year of coursework through the online program at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. After graduation and ordination, she plans to be a small group/adult education pastor. Denise is a member of Atonement Lutheran Church in Overland Park, Kansas, where she volunteers as devotional writer and worship assistant. Born and raised in Kansas City, she currently lives in Grandview. In addition to writing, she enjoys art, music and sports.

©2014 Denise Rector – submitted to GateWay of Hope with permission